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How to decorate a house with lighting?
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After you have finioshed decorating your house you may notice that something is missing – correct lighting. Even the most stylish interior would not be complete without illumination. To make it better and to create an atmosphere, you may want to use lighting. Correct planning will help enhance the furniture and create a certain mood.


Difficulty: Medium

Step 1

Decide what type of lighting you need for each room. You may use special lighting for better working conditions or to create a mood.

Step 2
Try to visually enlarge the room with the help of light. For that you would nee lamps built in the ceiling.

Step 3
For more coziness use tall lighting devices that are not built-in. Try, for example, chandelier-like lamps.

Step 4
Pay attention to illuminating paintings and other works of art

Step 5
Pay attention to safety measures in your home. All halls, stairs and corridors must be well-lit, and the light at the end of corridors must be a little brighter.

How to decorate a house with lighting?How to decorate a house with lighting?
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