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Lighting and light-reflecting objects, evil spirits, deadly energy that has negative influence – they all are the darkness spawn. Light eliminates them, and therefore it must be used to neutralize the Sha flows. 

Daylight brings Chi, therefore it is important to organize day light of your home correctly. Natural lighting consists of direct sunbeams that come from outside, and reflected light. It is crucial to maintain balance between these two so that the room does not seem too coarse (Yin) or too soft (Yang), too cold or warm, too relaxing or exciting. 

Daylight seems brighter when one looks at it from a dark room. It may also get uncomfortable when direct sunbeams fall on reflecting surfaces and increase the brightness of the room’s lighting to the maximum level. It is important to learn to regulate the brightness of daylight and provide smooth transition from very bright light to a dimmer one.

In this case the size of windows is important as well as the size of the room, distance from window to the door, curtain fabric, whether there is a marquee, interior (colors, fabrics, forms, etc.) and inner lighting set-up.

Not only does light influence human’s psyche, but their perception of the environment, it helps distinguish colors and shapes. These are the specifics of light that are used in the correcting feng shui.

Light attracts Chi’s attention, therefore scaring away Sha, activating a certain spatial zone and can help make definite spheres of life better. If you crave more respect from your colleagues, direct light to the “fame zone” of your home. If you experience difficulties with your spouse, check if the “marriage zone” (most often – bedroom) is well-lit.

Correct lighting can help change the shape of a room, create a feeling of spaciousness or hide unwanted zones. For example, one of the corners of your living room is directed into the center of the room, therefore sending in Sha, which is bad for your family’s well-being. This problem can be solved with directing light correctly. Place a lamp in a way that the dangerous angle remains in darkness and is unnoticeable. Luckily, according to feng shui, Sha is dangerous only if a person feels its negative influence. What is invisible is harmless.


Feng shui in lighting
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