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A stiff RGB ruler is a thin ruler made from a strong material with diodes situated at regular intervals. One ruler (500мм) holds 15 diodes. The ruler can be divided every 10 см, also there are components holes for extra connecters.


Used for lighting of unusual colors and constructions with color transition. Designed for built-in lighting of walls, hanging ceiling, stairs, podiums, as well as creating contre-jour, frontal lighting of glass and built-in furniture lighting.


1)  High reliability, durability up to 100000 hours (equivalent to 25 years of 10-hour daily exploitation)

2) Economic. 70% less energy consumption compared with ordinary gas lamps.

3) Mechanical endurance, vibration proof.

4) Not having to change or repair the diodes allows you to save considerably on maintenance costs.

5) Absence of low frequency pulsation eliminates the threat of eye exhaustion

6) Instant igniting and stable working capacity at any temperature

7) 3 year guarantee on all our products.

Technical characteristics.



Operating Voltage

Current Per Piece(mA)

Consumption Watts Per Piece

Number of LED 


intensity (mcd)

Viewing Angle



Waterproof or not

Chip RGB Bar 12VDC

















Stiff RGB rulersStiff RGB rulersStiff RGB rulers

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