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Garden LatLED 3004
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The photosource uses the high quality superelevation bright LED light emitter diode to shine, has consumes the electricity few, has the quantity of heat slightly, the life is long, bears the impact, the reliable higher merit. The lamp body uses imitates the stone material material configuration to become, the light-emitting area color is gentle, coordinates the microcomputer controller, may have the jump, change gradually, pursues and so on the many kinds of effects choice. Suits field cooperation landscape illumination and so on botanical garden square, walk street, garden, ballroom, park, path, staircase uses.

Size = D= 170 mm . H= 60 mm.

PRICE = 47.00 EUR/pcs

Garden LatLED 3004
Brivibas Street 193 a, Riga
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