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 Model: duo RUEDA

Designed for installation in Ø60mm holes or wall junction boxes
SIZE = 73 x 113 mm
Surface type:
K - stainless steel
G - aluminium
Colour of emitted light and power output:
White (W) - 1,6 W
Red (R) - 2,0 W
Green (G) - 1,2 W
Blue (B) - 1,6 W
Nominal voltage 10VDC
Modern lighting fixtures consume minimum of electrical power thereby generating very little cost for the user, which makes them ideal choice for round-the-clock lighting applications.
Compact and flat design is yet another advantage . LED's life is estimated to be some 50,000 hours. Light in two planes, i.e. downwards and reflected light towards the sides, which efficiently conceals light sources.
Wiring diagram :


Price: Price - 34.00 EUR - or 24.00 €

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